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[ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!


thanks a lots for creating uch a wonderful informatin for us.


I think social media posting is huge. Don’t spam if but be consistent with keeping your name out there


Yes i agree you can promote on different social media every day dont post on the same platform regularly give some gap


It’s very helpful for me as a beginner.


welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks, this helps to certain extend :+1:, but I don’t recommend discounting to Buyers !


you will soon receive orders


yes you are true in your saying,definitely agreed


Thanks for the useful tips.


Right .After changing my gig image ,I can not get it in search result .


Thanks for key points , and if the experience ones share their experience with newbies i think they will get order soon and pray for the them


Thanks for tips

I hope it will help to get new orders.


Very effective & nice tips for newbie.


after you make changes you’re gig will be review by the staff until then your gig wont show in search results


Thank for your tips


Thank You For Your Advise, my gig also down now, no orders now…


don’t give up promote your gig on social media


Awesome advice! Thank you!


Thanks for sharing such important experience that very helpful for the beginners.
Hope you continue this


Thanks you so much :slight_smile: