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[ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!


Hi there, Happy to get your tips and I will try to my best to follow your tips for sellers with no orders. I have a request to you please check my profile and give me a suggestion how can I will get orders. May be some of mistakes in my profile or Gigs which is main obstacle for getting order form Buyers.


Great Suggestion For New Seller.


Thanks for your valuable suggestion


Many Many Thanks for Sharing Your Great Article.


Thanks! I am new, and I have been reading the forum for around thirty minutes and miraculously my views, impression and clicks on my gig have doubled. I do not know if it is because of me spending time on the forum or just coincidence.


Thank You so much for sharing the tips. It will help us to reach a winning edge.


Glad tips helped you all will keep you all update with new tips :slight_smile:


thanks for share tips


Really good adivce for new joiner.


thank you very much for your suggestion and interestingly i am following few of your suggestion not all. however my email template gig was ranked in the first page among the all email template gig but now it is ranking in page 5 and above. can you please suggest some of the social media group where my gig sharing will be effective?


thanks for your knowledge sharing it is very helpful for me.


Very strong and essential tips. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing your experience


Thanks for your valuable tips.


Thanks for this important and valuable tips .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The tips look good. But I’m a bit worried. Not because I’m not getting orders, But mostly because I’ve got no views at all. Tried to find my own gig in the search but no success. I’ll be publishing more gigs and see what happens.


Many many thanks to you. I will follow your suggestion…


Thanks For the Best Informations for Us.


thanks for this Tips :kissing_heart:


good one for the new sellers…so many information…