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[ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!



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Contact customer support if the gig is not visible in search results
and dont make changes in gig too frequently that can also be a reason your gig is not showing in search results


Thanks, I deleted the gig and re created it again. It’s getting views now. I’ll try to avoid touching it now.


Thank you shubhamdahale…


Helpful post. It will benefited for all seller…


Thank you my dear @shubhamdahale


it’s very helpful thank you


Great post, helpful and well written.


100% right your opinion . So thanks for your sharing post.


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This is a great tips, I am just seeing it hoping it works for me though, thanks


Thanks @shubhamdahale for the valuable suggestion


Thank you share your experiences.


Thanks for share your helpful tips with us :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


No none of mine have


Thank you very much @shubhamdahale


@shubhamdahale Thank you very much for you awesome tips. You did a great job. It will really be helpful for new buyers who facing order problem. I’m the one who facing this too. I’m a new seller with just a single 5 star review.

It’s been long time when I finished my first order with 100% client satisfaction. But then still not getting any order or any buyer message. I followed all the tips you gave but no hope. Hope someone here will be kind enough to give me a cure. Thank you very much.


thanks for tips :blush:


No one can give you perfect cure for success , you’ll need to find out on your own what works for you keep trying different things until you find something that works for you.
That’s the way you find perfect solution !


@shubhamdahale Thank you very much. You are so helpful.