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[ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!


Love your outlook and energy, keep it up!


thanks for shairing…


thanks, better thinking


Good tips, I would also say it goes up and down. Some months are like a ghost town and others can take off. You also might want to a new gig that is a really good deal just to get more activity to your other gigs.


Thanks for the advice Bro


Thanks for the TIPS. :slight_smile:


Thank you So much For your Valuable tips And Tricks


Thanks for the tips. Did you get any buyer on fiverr through social media?


thank you so much brother…


Thank you for the suggestions, I’ve been on Fiverr a little while now and I haven’t had a great deal of interest in my gigs. I’m actually offering excellent value too. Which is why I’m confused I’m not getting more hits. I suppose we all need the first one to get the ball rolling, so I’m still fishing ha ha.


Yes many ! :slightly_smiling_face:


yes that first order is very important to get started !


Awesome Road Map! :slightly_smiling_face: Although i have recently started building my profile on, but i am working as freelancer for more than 4 years and have very sound profiles on other freelancing websites. Above list is in fact exactly what i have learnt during my freelancing career. I would like to enforce 2 of them as most essential …

“Be Consistent On Platform” and “Never Give Up no matter how many times you fail” :slightly_smiling_face:


“Getting in touch” is key … It helps to build long run working relation and a reminder of your good past services… Normally clients doesn’t read offers immediately because of their busy schedule … but your message let him know about your presence and your interest … At the first place You are offering something to your client might that turn good for him rather getting something in advance…!!! Further professional clients don’t make their decision because of Discount … They always value your work and your working ethics…!!!


Really helpful tips. Thanks


Really helpful one. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your tips. But I have a question. When I shared my gigs in LinkedIn showing this::slight_smile: “Access to This Page Has Been Blocked”. How can solved this, *)) Please info more effective social media platform where I sharing my gigs.



Stay blissful always:)


There are may be connected apps problem. Fiverr account is not be connected with your LinkedIn.


Thank you so much.:))