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[ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!


Right… Thank you so much alam7614.


Thanks really very informative tips i think every freelancer should apply it and most important thing is passion if we will not give up our struggle one we will be successful at this platform.


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That’s called a commission, when you sell on Fiverr, you agree to pay them a commission. It’s no difference than selling real estate, insurance, cars, etc. Why do you care? You pay nothing to be on Fiverr, no membership fee, no bidding fee, you can even use public domain stock images for your gig picture. All Fiverr wants is 20% plus a few fees when a buyer orders. You don’t even have to take a test to sell on Fiverr.

Would you rather pay $10 a month for your own dot com? How will you find clients, get traffic? You got the money to advertise? Fiverr does, do you?

I wish that was the case, then refunds would be illegals, all gigs would be allowed, there would be no demotions for successful sellers. Sadly, that’s not the case at all. All Fiverr cares about is making buyers happy and having good a reputation, that’s why “embarrassing gigs” like book reviews, do my homework, etc, are no longer allowed.

I’m bitter too, I used to be a Top Rated Seller, got demoted in January, my earnings hasn’t been the same. However, there is no better platform, there is no alternative.

The gig economy is a lie, it doesn’t work, it’s meant to be a hobby, a second source of income. If you want to make real money with insurance benefits, get a full-time job. If you’re young, go to college, join the military, do something productive while you have the energy and you’re open minded enough to learn something new. It’s a lot harder when you’re older.


I got 4 order, After read your blog. Very very helpful tips :slight_smile:


Thanks for Your sugestions


Wow glad it help you keep it up never giveup :slight_smile:


thanks for the information. will keep in my mind…


Welcome. I am highly expect to succeed on fiverr.


Great Tips, Thank you.


Well Done. Thank you for such constructive tips.


Wow, 171 likes for tips such as

  • Make improvements
  • Be professional
  • Keep hustling
  • Never give up

I’m not trying to diminish the value of this post. Most of the recommendations make sense, but if you didn’t know this before and found it super useful then I’m lost.

It really makes me wonder why do we even try giving detailed responses :slight_smile:
I wish there were more newbies who do their homework, explain their issue and ask for detailed suggestions to make improvements.


supper article. thanks for sharing.


Thank you for these wonderful tips.


thank you so much . :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


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thank you for your suggestions!


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Really Great Tips :slight_smile: hopeful as a newbie


I’m new at this platform. Hope your tips work for me. Thank you.