"Important topic on forum.fiverr.com"


Ive been getting these emails for a couple days now…

Wondering if this is a new feature admins are trying out??

Cuz i never got them before :o


It is something we are trying out. When you follow a thread you now get notifications for comments made on that thread.

If you are getting other emails, please let me know.


@caiterz Is the subject of the email “Important topic on forum.fiverr.com”?


Well this is weird, because I only get forum mails from followed topics… and they all come from fiverr.com


Put me on the list of people getting spammed by Fiverr (www-data).

Would appreciate a resolution to the problem ASAP.


Reply to @madmoo: after losing 200 bucks a few years ago by just clicking a link inside fiverr, trust me, I never click links anymore!

Well, actually I do, but before clicking I look at the mail headers, I worry a bit, then go to that link using an online proxy browsing service like “proxybrowsing” and see what would have happened without it actually happening, and then I worry some, ask myself “what if something did happened?”, and ultimately I end up changing all my passwords :))


I have also had a sudden wave of spam emails from fiverr’s forum over the past couple of days. I am not following any threads. This just started a couple of days ago, coming from “www-data”


yes it is…

but i haven’t “followed” any posts.

These posts are random posts that i’ve never seen in my life, lol.

and I’m getting a TON of them


Reply to @caiterz: could you please attach an image that shows the contents of the emails? because the current image is cut at the margins where the email text is - we can’t see who the sender is, or what the full message is…


I’m getting these as well. About 20 of them so far. They’re all going to my Gmail spam folder, but they’ve been continuing to trickle in for several days, seemingly from threads that I’ve never been a part of. I’ll send a note to customer support if I get any more, but I’ve already deleted all of the ones that have arrived so far.


Yeah…me too…I didn’t know if the were real or not so I sent them to the SPAM box. Like everyone has said, they are topics that I never saw, read, or followed, so it seemed very odd to me. I know my opinions and knowledge are wonderful and sought after, but this is a bit too much. :smiley:


I’m getting these as well from “www-data”, they are usually based around new posts, ones I haven’t even seen before.


I have been getting the emails too (from www-data), and it’s bothering me a bit because I have not clicked anything to “follow” a thread. I may have been reading and posting on threads, but I have yet to actually approve of getting emails about a thread. Maybe there should be an option to click (or unclick) about getting notifications on any given thread.


I’ve disabled it. Let me know if you guys keep getting them from now on.