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Important worsening of GIG ranking after the evaluation period

Hi guys, after the rank update I noticed an important worsening of the position of my GIG in the search result. Did you notice the same for yours?

I explain better: searching for the keywords “Microsoft Excel”, till mid February I appeared as first result and this allowed me to gather more than 50 orders in one month, with 100% positive feedbacks and no cancellations. Important performances for a new seller (I joined this marketplace in Dec 2018).

After the evaluation period, occurred on February 15, 2019, my GIG disappeared from the first page and now it’s the last result of this keyword (from page 1 tp page 13). I’m also behind IDLE GIGs without orders… is it a bug?
All my KPIs are good, no negative feedbacks, no cancellations, important average revenue per GIG. How does the search engine work?

Is there a way to contact the support center? I tried to open two tickets but the system reported me to the home page.

Thank you for your feebacks!


If you want to contact CS but the help desk link doesn’t work you could try the email address. Though they’ll probably say they can’t guarantee a position in the search results. As long as it shows in search results they’ll probably not think there’s a problem (if it’s recently been edited it may not be in the search results).

Maybe it promotes new gigs initially but then after a while doesn’t. Or maybe if stats for a gig were slightly lower or eg. if a gig was delivered slightly later than the delivery date/time maybe that could affect it. Stats that are not public could also affect it (ie. the private ratings). The gigs could also just be being rotated (I think it does rotate gigs in search results) and you might find it will appear higher in the search results at a later time.

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Thank you for your answer. I’m monitoring the status of my GIG, but it does not make sense the rotation, mostly if I appear after IDLE GIGs and users… I guess the goal for Fiverr is providing a good service for its clients, creating revenue for sellers and for Fiverr. So it does not make sense for me.
I guess they have important bugs in their search engine.

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Everything changed in January.
According to CS, they are running tests. My gigs are on the last page for more than a month without a single movement from there.
There are no clear rules, but please note that according to my personal experience, delivering even one order late or close to the deadline seriously affects your gig position.
I also suppose to think that a lot of time extensions does the same.
I contacted CS twice with screenshots and detailed explanations and was told that I need to improve my perfromance and they are running tests in order to show only the best gigs in the front.


Thank you very mach.

I have received a feedback from the customer support, they said it was strange this worsening in ranking also considering it’s an active GIG, they are improving the search engine. I hope to check a change in the next days.

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Can you share the exact answer you received ? We’ve been waiting for that a month and half


This is essentially the core of the answer. Honestly, I’m not satisfied about the feedback received, we will see…

“Currently, we are running tests on our search results. Our goal is to ensure the best gigs are displayed when users use our search engine. For example, we do not display gigs that are not active, or from sellers who are on vacation, or from sellers who receive low ratings and reviews, etc. We consider a multitude of factors when displaying search results. The gig search position is based on our algorithm and Customer support can’t manually upgrade the gig’s search position.”

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Unfortunately, I received exactly the same answer three weeks ago :disappointed_relieved:
If I’m not wrong, there was another user, who got the same reply too.

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I got that same reply too


So it’s a standard reply… I’m so sad looking at the support provided to freelancers, theoretically we should be the assets of this marketplace. :frowning:

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[quote=“tedross, post:8, topic:312022”]
For example, we do not display gigs that are not active, or from sellers who are on vacation, or from sellers who receive low ratings and reviews[/quote]

There has to be lots of other reasons too than those. All my gigs are on the last pages too, down from first page. My gigs have been active for about 7 years, haven’t taken a vacation even once in that time and they have maintained very high ratings. Low cancellation ratio as well!

Shame that they have to be so vague, and can’t just tell to our face what we have to improve to not get our gigs treated like trash.

I’m seriously considering moving my services elsewhere if Fiverr thinks they aren’t needed anymore. I also don’t see how a 20% cut from sales and tips is fair if they don’t give anything useful in return, such as visibility for a gig, if it’s a good one.


At the end of the day Fiverr is a business and all businesses need revenue if they want to continue to operate.

Yes, this is exactly the point. If I was Fiverr, the goal would be generate revenue. The search engine is the core part of this marketplace. If it does not work properly, I will move towards other marketplaces. No way… It is scared for me to think about investing time here and after several days, due to a bug, your GIG appears at the end of search results without receiving a technical feedback from the support centre. So sad…

lots of people are complaining about the change of gig position
and the worsening of it
i’ve been facing the same issue since past few weeks
there is no clear explanation on what we can do to improve our ranking
or what is lacking in our gig that it was moved to the last page
FIVERR needs to take serious measures regarding the issue and the changes they do
coz it is affecting the best performing sellers

at one part support says cancellation is a part of business and cannot be avoided
wether its a chargeback or buyer changed his mind or due to some seller issues
and on the other hand they are thronging back the sellers to the last page even with single fault

how will this work?

it was bad enough for sellers to maintain stats to blind reviews
now this change in algorithm has made things worst

there should be some type of committee for sellers where they can submit their views and opinions regarding how things are handled
forum is not enough coz no one from the decision making team come here to read our views

fiverr is a marketplace and our success is not fiverr’s responsiblity
but if you throw best performing sellers to last how will fiverr earn and what will guarantee it’s success



Hi @tedross,

I am level 2 sellers and i was growing fast on fiverr. My all gig was on first page because of my service.
Now my all gigs on last page even we use all the filters.

I don’t know whats going on Since 15 days only 1 small order and that is also from old customer.

Because of fiverr’s testing our business, our hard work, our service is getting down and down.

If no one see our gigs then how we can get single order?

Please help me i have same problem.

Digital Drivers.

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Hi @digitaldrivers , same experience. It started 15 days ago. I don’t know what kind of tests they are doing. I’m going to report to the customer support this thread, maybe considering there are many users that noticed this worsening in search results, they start to analyze this bug.


Hi @tedross, Yes same it started with me 15 days ago. 0, impression, views, clicks and orders.

I am with you for this issue. Please report and do something behalf of us. You are the leader right now.

Thanks & Regards,
Digital Drivers.

Also, have you experienced if we search facebook cover then, it’s show all meshed up gigs/services together. It is like earlier specific gigs show in results. They are showing all now.

I really hope you are going to be the one to pass through the wave of automatic replies.
In my opinion, if these are new rules, they have to be published. Otherwise, this test is too harmful.