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Important worsening of GIG ranking after the evaluation period

I’m not Fiverr, so I don’t know their rules, but I would say that late orders are the main reason.
Especially if you have them on a permanent basis.
I had a lot of them at the beginning of the year, and they are still reflected in my stats, so I’m just waiting.
I don’t think they would just send gigs to the end with no real reason.

One more thing, as I understand, changes are not immediate. Even if you manage to restore your stats, it still needs some time to update the searching engine.

And I can see that you weren’t promoted yesterday, even though all your stats are good to be Level 1. So there must be a reason too.

Hi, if I may.

I would suggest every seller to keep a logbook. It’s not difficult to do and helps to quickly verify any parameter at any given time giving you the chance to prevent getting into trouble.


And you didn’t get to level 1? that’s strange…maybe you had a warning !! that’s the only obstacle to get to level 1


Honestly now I agree with you its all our mistakes , i should work hard instead of overreacting!

any improvement in anyones gig position?
i read editing gig with the latest tags improved gig position
anyone tried the same?

Yeah, it boosts your gig for a few hours but that’s really it. I wouldn’t recommend doing that because it dropped my stats my 70% after.

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Hello. Did you make any change on your gig?

Hello. I apologize for replying to an old thread. I’m currently facing the same situation. Can you please tell me how long it was before your gig gained its rank back?