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Impossible to keep response rate at 100% when I can't even see every unanswered message

I have missed two messages in the past week since I did not see them in time to answer them.

I look at my inbox many times per day. And yet there is always one that I miss. I receive no email about them.

I simply somehow overlook them. The unanswered ones are white. The answered ones are almost white.

How can I keep my response rate at 100% when I can’t even see the unanswered messages?

I am now convinced that some messages do not appear until they are late.

I’ve been having trouble myself lately and I normally keep around a 98% rate. But for some reason, even though I see no new messages, I dipped lower. Hard to keep up!

That could be true. I’ve heard rumors that if a user sends you a message with “flagged” words (the one that line your message field in red) they may be technically in your message queue but waiting for Fiverr approval. I imagine it’s worse with multiple flags even if they arent harmful. (I don’t know if this is true, I’m just repeating hearsay.)

Supposedly if that happens, when staff sees that it’s not intentional the message is released. So, if someone writes “Is Skype allowed for your widget gig? I’d like to talk to you about an email I got related to widgets but I need someone who pays attention” you’ve got 3 flagged words.

The good news is that response rate isn’t currently used for anything and only you can see it. Hopefully they can add in ways to resolve spam and other messages you can’t read. I would hope response rate will not affect your account until any issues are fixed.

I am having this problem too. Maybe there’s a bug?

This is a bit different but might apply to things not being seen right away: Just this last week I haven’t seen some orders until they’re several days old, and then I’m embarrassed because I haven’t responded as soon as the order came through like I usually do.

I also have a 99% response rate at the moment, and I’ve looked and looked and can’t find a message I haven’t responded to. I don’t get it!

There has to be a bug. I’ve been answering every single message, every day (excepting one spam message that was marked as such before I could even get to it), and my response rate has been dropping by a percentage every day for a week. And when I say every message, I mean EVERY message.

I get two or three dozen messages a day and give thougtful answers to every single one, and have a bunch of people who use me as an ongoing coach with many messages per day, so I spend unpaid hours per day on answering messages.

I am starting to feel a bit put upon now that I can’t even manage to keep my rate at 100% even with the herculean effort I am putting in.

I had the same problem this week with responding to my messages and even saw a message I couldn’t respond to because it was reported or flagged, I just went ahead in creating a ticket with another problem that I had and ask CS if something was wrong, they have soon resolved the issue for me.

Bugs – I’m wondering if the amount of Bugs that plague fiverr is normal. I have been on other sites but rarely is there a problem. Then again those other sites were not freelance sites like Fiverr. I always wondered if the amount of Bugs on Fiverr is the norm for this type of site?

My response rate dropped to 97% for no reason whatsoever! Doesn’t really effect anything which is good but it’s still annoying seeing as I ALWAYS respond to EVERY message.

It seems that this is an ongoing and widespread issue. I’ve had the same problems, both with not seeing the messages and having mail marked as spam before I get to it. I get three alerts for every Fiverr message on my phone and still missed a message because it didn’t show up anywhere.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I thought our response rate determined our visibility on fiverr and our rate of impressions therefore. Is this no longer true?

Reply to @writerlisaz: I have also had this problem of not seeing orders until they were over a day old. Yes I too am puzzled and embarrassed that I did not reply to them sooner. And I look at my sales page constantly every day.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I wonder if it’s that spam message that’s messing things up? I got one, too, and by the time I saw it the person had already been reported so I couldn’t have replied even if I wanted to. Hmmm…

Reply to @misscrystal: Maybe you should make a gig for coaching people through things? You could offer to answer one coaching question with a certain number of words per response for $5, or something like that.

Heck, I’m a coach! I should do that! :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: I knew that would take me down a little bit, but it’s been continually dropping, even though I’ve answered all other messages.

Reply to @steveeyes: Fiverr seems to be a constantly evolving site requiring frequent modifications. It is also very complex, requiring constant messaging, payments, notifications, timers, and macros to work. The progamming requirements are mind boggling. It is almost as complex as ebay or Amazon but probably doesn’t have the level of funding those sites have. I think all things considered they do surprisingly well.

Reply to @hanashivoice: I thought it affected how much they displayed your gigs?

Reply to @misscrystal: Oh, does it? Hm…guess I was misinformed…

Reply to @misscrystal: As far as I know (although I cannot say this for 100% sure) the thing that may affect visibility and impressions is Avg. Response time which does show on the main page. Response time is different, new, and is only shown to you. To my knowledge it does not have any effect on you at the current time. I imagine it will later unless Fiverr goes with the “petition” thread in the Suggestion Box asking for the removal of that feature.