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Impossible to login to Fiverr with Mozilla Firefox

About 10 days ago I noticed that I couldn’t login to fiverr with Firefox. Until now, I haven’t been able to log in with Firefox. I have no error message so I don’t know what happens. I must log in with google chrome (that I never use except for Fiverr since this problem occured).

What can I do to log in with Firefox ?
Did someone have the same problem ?


Chrome is recommended for using Fiverr.
You can try clearing cache on FireFox. If you still have the problem, you can try again by deactivating other plugin/extensions. :bulb:


UC Broswer have no Problems & Errors .Use it :star_struck:

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Chrome works!:grinning:

But I never use Chrome ! (except for Fiverr since a few days)
I have some extensions in firefox that doesn’t exist for Chrome and all my favorites and marked pages are in Firefox.

I will try to clear the cache once more but I have already done this when I discovered that it was impossible to log in with firefox.

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You can try chorme… It will be work.

Here is what you can do…

  1. This will only work if you registered using gmail… Login your gmail account then click continue with google
  2. This will only work if you linked facebook to fiverr… Login your facebook account then click continue with facebook
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Fiverr developers focused on Chrome while developing. I have seen on the forum a lot of user faced issue in Firefox and they were suggested to use Chrome.
you can import your bookmarks from Firefox. And for the extension, you will need to find an alternative if you want to move Chrome.
For now, you can use Chrome only to avoid the issue for Fiverr on Firefox. (did you tried to log in with another method like google/FB ? )


You could reset your password. You should then be able to log in again using Firefox after setting a new password.

Clean your browser cache. Use CCleaner by Piriform.

I have already used CCleaner + cleaned the cache 3 times since this problem happened but I still can’t login with Firefox.
I have seen that I have a new version of Firefox since the end of august. Perhaps there is a problem with this version.

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I don’t want to use my Facebook or my google account for fiverr. A password is really much more secured.

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Is your firefox up to date?

Yes. I have seen that the last update is dated 25 or 29th of august (I don’t remember).
It’s approximately the day when I was unable to log in with Firefox. Perhaps the problem comes from the new version but I think that I wouldn’t be the only person with this problem.

I’m using Firefox version 55.0.3, 64 bit (the up to date version). The last time I couldn’t log in with Firefox (nothing happening when entering the correct user name and password, and I’m sure I I tried Ctrl+F5 - I might have tried clearing the cache too) I reset the password, clicked the link, answered the phone to get the code/verification number and since then have stayed logged in okay.

I know I don’t make mistake with my password because I use it for Chrome.

I wil try this but I am fed ud with changing my password on fiverr. Since I have began to sell on this websibe (march or april) I have had to change it 3 times because there was a message saying that my password was not correct.
It’s really frightening. That sounds to me that there is a security problem here.

Use Chrome :slight_smile:

That’s an easy solution but do you know a single website in the world that can not be accessed from firefox?
Even Google that is a competitor of Firefox is accessible from firefox !
That’s not normal.

Its the new updated version of Firefox. IMHO they fixed something that wasn’t broke. I keep having to Ctrl-Alt-Delete because the new Firefox keeps freezing up.

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dude i got a similar problem with Mozilla FF, i solve it uninstalling and re installing the browser, because the Update (rewritting data) got some bugs, but if you uninstall the old version, the problem its solve it… :slight_smile: