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Impossible to login to Fiverr with Mozilla Firefox

Still having this problem after many years on fiverr.
I have to fire up chrome specially if I wnat to use fiverr,
so Fiverr is losing business with me as it is a chore to log in.
I wonder why they can’t fix this after all this time?

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Clear the cache and data or uninstall and reinstall ff. I am also a FF user, I get the same issue once in a while on mobile and pc versions. I usually clear the data, it gets the job done. Be sure to sync your Firefox before trying any of this steps. All the best.

I can’t log in with Firefox now (after being asked to log out by support to try to fix something else). We shouldn’t have to keep re-installing Firefox (eg. we may have everything configured how we want in it). Fiverr should make the site work properly with Firefox and allow people to log in without having to keep re-installing the browser etc.

I agree with your “the site should work properly” commentary, however, as I’ve been told in the past, Fiverr is meant to work with Google Chrome. As far as I can tell, Chrome is working just fine. Have you tried accessing Fiverr via Chrome?

No I haven’t. I don’t have Google Chrome and it’s not a browser I want to use. I’m used to Firefox. It’s probably also more trustworthy being open source than Google’s Chrome. I think Fiverr should support the browsers that are in use by their customers etc. and Firefox is the 2nd most used in 2018 according to one site.

If Fiverr is a professional site and wants customers and to make money surely it should support at least a few of the browsers that those customers use. Like the top, most used browsers (such as the top 5 or 6). Not just 1 browser. Supporting just 1 is surely anticompetitive (and aren’t anticompetitive practices against the law?) - making Google’s Chrome the only browser Fiverr users can use - despite alternatives that they should be allowed to use - and giving Google a monopoly as well losing them (Fiverr) money by not (properly) supporting browsers their potential customers (and sellers) are using.

anti trust law:
…“prohibiting agreements or practices that restrict free trading and competition between business
Yet Fiverr’s practices (to be able to properly use the site, log in etc.) forces users to use Google Chrome and prohibits the competition between browser creators/companies in the use of the site by the competing browsers, with no good reason (what other major website from a million dollar business won’t make sure their website works with Firefox/properly with the major browsers other than Chrome?).

Technically some other browsers will also work but Fiverr should still support Firefox for the reasons given above.

Hey, I’m not trying to get involved in a “which browser is better” argument. I was just trying to help, based upon the information Fiverr/CS has shared. Whether they should or shouldn’t do something is not up to me. But they have stated that the site is designed to work best in Google Chrome. So, if you are having problems in Firefox, those problems can be solved by choosing to use Chrome instead.


It’s 2019.
I still can’t log in to Fiverr with Firefox.
Not interested in browser wars.
Have turned off all addons.
Nobody cares.

I deleted the fiverr password saved on firefox and tried again, it worked.

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Thank you. I haven’t been able to get into Fiverr with Firefox for at least 2 years, but your suggestion worked.

For anyone else-

Options > Privacy & Security > Saved Logins, search for ‘’ and delete all saved logins that match. Then try to login to Fiverr again.


This worked for me, Thank you!


Gold Star for you :dizzy:

I have had to use IE for ages because of this problem.

Just one more thing to add to this solution for FF users, ensure you tick ‘Never save password for this site’ so that way FF won’t ask you to save the password again in the future because even if you delete the PW and then save a new one again, the problem is back so FF users will have to just cope without having their login details saved.

A small price to pay for being able to use FF again for fiverr.

Thanks again!

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Firefox 67 has an option for auto-filling logins and passwords shown in the Saved Logins window. If you toggled it off as shown below, when you log in, you will be able to pick your login data from a list, and you will not have trouble logging in.