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Impossible to reach support via emails nor online by ticket #


Is there a way I can call/speak to someone on support?

I send answers to tickets and they are not seen … they are not getting to your end…

And the link to the ticket on line at zendesk doesnt work… uffff

Irksome really.


I just checked my tickets and the ticket system is up and working smoothly. Usually if you send one ticket only and politely explain your issue, they respond within 1-4 days depending on the timing.

If you send more than one ticket before they respond, it’s confusing. They will start closing your tickets if that starts happening, or if tickets are worded rudely, etc.

There is no phone support. I’m not sure if any of this applies to you but if it does, there are ways to fix it. Have you resolved things yet?


I have a ticket open from over a year ago where they said they would solve a problem for me but still haven’t did anything yet. Albeit it’s kind of an obscure bug, but I would think they would have at least sent me a follow-up by now from the initial response.

I haven’t had a ticket responded to me in one to four days since around 2013-ish. Now i’m usually waiting closer to one to two weeks even for simple requests. Not sure if they’re just getting such a huge volume of requests due to a limited customer service team for such a massive team or what, but I suppose they do get back to me… eventually.


Go to the “Help” section where you usually would submit a request. Click on “Sign in”, click on your username and then “Activities” . Can you see your current ticket?