Impossible to Transfer Money to Payoneer From Fiverr


Trying to transfer money from Fiverr and I click on “Bank Transfer”. I always get the block to verify, but I’m never taken to a page where I can actually transfer the money.

Anyone else had this problem?

What could I be doing wrong?

How do I set up Payoneer to accept Fiverr as an authorized merchant?


Hi, you need to click Fiverr Revenue Card for Payoneer transfer, not Bank transfer.


Yeah, right. The Revenue Card is grayed out and unclickable.

Next step. Go to Payoneer and attempt to order a card.

Payoneer site says I must have $30 minimum to order a card.

What else ya got?


Yes, its grey until clearance is pending, if the money is available on your Fiverr account you can click revenue card. 14 days is pending clearance.


Try that again.

I don’t understand a thing you’re saying.


If you have money on your Fiverr account you can click revenue card, it’s not grey then.
If you have the pending clearance you cant withdraw anything.


Form the help centre:

Gives info on all the possible withdrawal methds.


Thanks, but I have money on my Fiverr account.

The button is still grey.

I still can’t withdraw.


Contact Payoneer customer support, it’s a new rule now for getting their card.


Thanks, but that was no help at all. I’ve read and re-read it half-a-dozen times.

Whenever I click on the “Bank Transfer” option, I’m taken to the page where the four-digit security code is required.

I enter the code and am taken to Payoneer to set up an account.

I already HAVE a Payoneer account – I just want to xfer money.

(NOTE TO FIVERR GODS: Put someway to attach screenshots in this message feature. It would make live a little easier when trying to explain.)


I did. Two weeks ago.

So far, no response.


Contact Fiverr Support - I’m sure they’ll be able to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:


They respond only on live chat, but you will need to wait for about 1h.



Contact fiverr support they will surely help you


Thanks, already tried that too. Still waiting for an answer. But, I’ll try again.