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IMPRESSED! Great community!


Hi fiverr team,

Just a quick note.

I just started selling on fiverr last week (already got my first order) and wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so supportive. It seems like there is a really great community here with members who are generous with sharing knowledge. It’s all of you who make the community great!




I was also very impressed by the community when I first joined. I hope you stick around and I wish you luck with your future sales on fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @balacafa . I appreciate the positivity.


Everything boils down to how you approach the community.

A lot of people went right through the shredder because

  • they commented for the mere sake of commenting
  • giving advice without having any track record of success

All this kind of obvious stuff.

We are very gentle and nice people here :slight_smile:


Yes all except me :japanese_goblin:


Yes, you are the shredder, lol.


I’m a witch. It’s what we do.


@misscrystal @mariokluser LOL