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Impression and click decreased

My impressions and click decreased… what happen? What is the effect on our fiverr? And how to keep it stable?
Can somebody to explain it? Thank you…

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The site’s overall impressions and clicks have decreased since the time you joined in. But Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you impressions, clicks or sales. You need to do it yourself.

Your niche is extremely saturated and competitive. You need to do a lot of promotion outside Fiverr also to get some sales. It is good to see that you have been persisting since January of this year. Otherwise, most sellers just vanish within a few weeks.


is fiverr traffic going down these days?
it feels like it
but there is no confirmation to it.
do you have any idea?

Yes, the traffic is a bit down according to some sources. But it is not down enough to make a drastic change to your sales.

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It’s just seems to be less than usual
Sales are fine though

Thank you @rankinfinite :blush:… and now I’m thinking the right way of promotion to attract a lot of attention …

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