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Impression and clicks are growing with a magic trick!

Hi !
Joined Fiverr on May 2020. My last Delivery was 5 Months ago. It was a successful delivery for me. My buyer rated me really well.
Since that day I haven’t sold any Gig of mine.
So, recently 1 week ago I started some research because I wanted to do better.
I published my new gig with as much as optimization I could do which I obviously learnt from this Amazing Website! I found on google. :star_struck:

Did you know you can even optimize the SEO of your gig link? :exploding_head:

You can even do SEO on your gig images? :hushed:

Believe me or not this kind of SEO can fully optimize you gig on Fiverr and its really important for you Success on Fiverr!

I have edited all of my gigs through this way and I hope the results will come out quick :innocent:

Thanks for reading!
Check out my Fiverr Profile if you have time!


Nope. Images might impress potential clients, but I don’t believe they will boost your ranking in any way.


And the link is not to that site but to your profile gig.


And how can you claim there is a magic trick, if nothing changed?
Title sort of suggests your impressions went up, but there is nothing in your post about it.


He just wanted attention towards his gig. That’s all.


Or to get us all to click on his link so his clicks improve. However, a click that does not lead to a sale is useless and since we on the Forum are mostly sellers, he will not get any sales from us.

So, really his magic trick is to post here and get people to click. This should be moved to My Fiverr Gigs where it belongs! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PS: I did not fall for clicking on you links! :wink:

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Sneaky tactic to get clicks…Now that’s a seller I would totally trust and hire! /sarcasm.


I truly think that some “Fiverr Guru” is advising this tactic somewhere out there because it is happening on the forum a lot lately.


Gotta do that sometimes you know :wink: It’s been 5months dude.

Loved your reply Dude :joy:

No offense but gotta do that sometimes for yourself or someone else gonna take the chance and rank :wink: Sorry mate

N’importe quoi :+1: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

The number of clicks won’t help you rank so you are deceiving yourself. The work qualtiy, reviews, response time, those are things that rank. If anything, you’re making things worse for yourself because you have a lot of clicks and no sales, so you’re lowering your conversion rate. Not to mention what you are doing is unethical.

Also, @vickiespencer is a woman, not a “dude”… that seems rather rude.

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Well to give @sadman_sarker a break, my profile has a “dude” in it with me. :wink:

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True, but then again… it’s Vickie not John or Marcus :slight_smile:

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Now this seems more rude… I didn’t check their profile to know if the person is He or She.I addressed them normally.
You seriously need to chill sometimes… No need to hype out of your body just because I posted this.
But well, gotta admit learnt something new today from you.Thanks!

Thanks? :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

So everyone is a dude in your life, regardless of age and gender? Interesting :slight_smile:

Call everyone whatever you want, but you are on a public forum, so everyone can speak their mind.

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Okay, Dude. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :weary: :yawning_face:

Now this is just sad trolling at this point :slight_smile:

By the way