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Impression and conversion is down for three months

hello beautiful people, I’m having issues about my Gigs everything about it, is down for the past three months now. please guys what can i do to get my impression back up… please guys help me with some advise…
thanks tunecreate1


Same problem goes here. I’m also watching any helpful comment. :innocent:

really this real bad… i really don’t even know what to do… fed up. help center can’t fix it…

In my case those gig that isn’t doing well I delete them and re-post it!
And start marketing again!
I can’t say if is it working or not!
I am a new seller…
Just trying somethings that could work!

Check this out!

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have done a lot of work with the gigs, i cant just delete like that… thanks for your advise though

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thanks for your help mam