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Impression are getting lower

My gigs impression are getting lower. I share my gigs to social sites but it is not improving. Can anyone help me to find out what is the problem and what should I do?

Social sharing has no effect on impressions. A gig receives an impression whenever it shows up in the search results or on the home page.

Unless your gig has glaring errors, there’s not much you can do to immediately increase your impressions.


I find the titles of your gigs to be off putting. They are too long. It looks like you tried to jam many SEO words into the title, however the titles are hard to understand. :flushed:


Definitely. Plus there’s no main verb in the title, which makes it sound really weak.

Shailaidris12, Fiverr advises sellers to create titles with strong verbs in them (a verb often denotes action).