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Impression Clicks and views are not updated today?

Today Fiverr clicks impression and views are not updated.
Is there any bug or issue today?
can anybody let me know?
When and why is happens?


I have the same problem, a few days ago the same thing happened, was a bug system.

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Yeah this also happened a few days before.

I feel the same problem

I have the same problem too

Yeah i am facing too

Also i am facing too :expressionless:

i also face same problem an getting me worried a lot

Yaah I am facing the same problems :thinking:

Same problem here, zero impressions and clicks on all Gigs … :unamused:

Same issue. All figures are zero. Its seems like a bug.

Same problem here. It’s a bug

Yeah, same problem is here. I thought that was my gig problem.

I think everyone is face this problem.


Yup me too facing the same problem

Yup me too facing same problem

maybe its a bug of today.


Same problem same here :unamused::thinking: