Impression Down


Why my Gigs impression going down again? please give me some strong suggestion to increase it up


Just type “increase gig impressions” in the search bar above and you will find lots of posts on the subject which may be of help to you.


I have the same problem, my impressions going down after 2 orders marked as complete automatically without any response from buyers. I hope my impressions will increase after completing 1 big custom order with good review from buyer today.


Can you tell us some numbers in terms of impressions? :slight_smile:


you share your gig different social media sites, as a result, your gig will be impressions. Ok Thank


This is completely false. Impressions are only registered when someone searches for a gig on Fiverr, or visits a category page. If a gig shows up in any of these site results, an impression is registered.

You cannot, in any way, gain an impression by sending someone to your gig via a link on social media. This just isn’t how impressions work.

If someone visits a gig via a link from social media, that would ONLY count as a visit. It would not be a click or an impression, as those are on-site Fiverr metrics.

If you don’t understand how something works, please do not offer false advice to other users here on the forums.


This quote should be added to TOS.



If you share your gigs elsewhere.
You will not be disappointed because your gigs show decreases.

I share it to media sosia.
And create a personal blog to direct tarffic to my gigs.
My traffic gigs are always on the rise every day


I also have an order is running instead of my impression is going down even I already completed an order.


ok, I will check this as you suggested me. Thanks


Yes bro I often share my gigs on Google+, facebook, twitter even LinkedIn


Could you please make me sure how do I increase it up. please?
I have read your comment that you posted


That’s probably help me to increase my gigs impressions. Thanks a lot.


Sure, nice to know you