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Impression drop from 3k to 200 - How and Why?

Hi there,
I notice that last couple of months the impressions of my gig are drooping significant.
before 6months I had around 3k impressions every months and a lot of orders. Not I get under 200 impressions and almost nobody is writing to me. My main gig is with good rating 4.7 and over 150 orders I don’t see a reason for this drop. Has anybody else fight with similar situation and what you suggest for rising again the gig impressions?



did you receive a badge recently? i noticed it quite significantly that whoever receive a new level badge his/her gig gone down. i dont know why.

Unfortunately it was exactly the opposite. I was lvl2 , but when the impressions start drooping and the orders now and the badge it’s not present. But still there was a good income whiteout badge. Now it’s basically zero.

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That’s not a good rating. There are a lot of gigs with full 5 stars across the board. I would say 4.7 is bad

I understand that. The client take the decisions for orders, but how it’s possible this to affect the impressions.

Maybe they reply to messages faster, have better reviews, no cancellations, who knows.

I think as long as you keep doing a good work, you should be aware that there is a rotation here on Fiverr.

It is a good system so all seller will have the same chance.
Just keep doing great work, top customer service and respond and when the ball comes to you, just perform more outstandin service.

That’s will keep draw your current buyer back to you.
Hopefully this tips work.

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There is not a rotation system which equally rotates positions in search between sellers. There is an algorithm which values relevance to buyers, If you lost impressions you are deemed not relevant to your buyers.
This could have several reasons such as ratings, private ratings, completionsrates, title, description, image, video and most certainly a variety of factors we dont know anything about. In addition fiverrs search algorithm is evolving itself you.

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