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Impression Drop Or Bug?

My impression is around 4k per day, but suddenly drop to 0 just today. Is it just a bug?

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You may have become victim to the dreaded Fiverr Gig Rotation.

Pop “gig rotation” into the search window on the Forum Home Page and that should help you out.

Thankyou! My gig is on the first page though. I received messages too. Really strange.

Give it 24 hours. Sometimes systems are slow to update.

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Not strange.

You have to read about Gig Rotation to understand it.

First page is NEVER guaranteed.

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Zero impressions but receiving orders and messages is strange to me. I know Gig Rotation as I’ve been there before.

This is really not fair, sorry to hear that.

fiverr is going to launch their new analytic page, unexpected technical problem might be happen sometime. they are working on it. hope you will get an updated analytic page soon. would be good if you give them a short span of time before judging them :slightly_smiling_face:


It takes a while to update. It’s always at 0 in the first hours of the day.

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Yeah thats what happened. thanks bud!

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