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Impression drop to 0, problem with my gig

I try to contact fiverr…but they told me to use “the system” Which I did before reaching them…message them yesterday morning, and they send a message told me to use “the system” to check my gig…so they basically did not fix my issue… Do anyone know what happen?
Basically my issue is my impression (900) and click drop to zero…|240x500 捕获


It seems the Gig needs to be reindexed by Fiverr support.

Should you have created ticket, you just need to wait for their fix.


I am really sad…because they did not fix my gig even though they respond to my email…

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I had impressions on all my gigs drop to 0 around 6-7th of September, but now they are back up (even for those dates). And I actually was still receiving orders and inquiries from new buyers at the time, meaning my gig was visible.
It might be just a visual bug, give it a few more days.

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Because not only impression, my clik drop to 0 as well…so i did not received any new order…

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What exactly did they write in the email?

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Basic nothing useful…


this sentence is not finished. Can you show what´s the end of this sentence?

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Because the point is, I already use the system before I sent the request

you gig is active but not showing on the search result, because after edit gig its need to approve by CS, the reply you got from the email its automated not human reply, wait until human reply.

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What is the ticket status right now?

You may find it in " My Support requests".

Because this is not the only time i edut my gig…this never happen…

It said open…but i am waiting for so long…

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nowadays its need to approve by CS. not only this happening with you.

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Ok…but around how long though, did they fix yours?

mine was took 2-3 days to reply, sometime they reply within 24 hours. actually its difficult to say when the reply!

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So they fix it in around 2-3 days?

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1-3 days take maximum

Ok Then…becasue this actually happen in 05…but I sent the e-mail only yesterday, so I think I need to wait for 2 more days…

Sorry what is this locating gigs?