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Impression dropped to 0 after reaching level 2 on fiver

Hi everyone :D, i don’t know whom to ask this question so i’m posting it here…Its been a year since i started working in fiver and it as been awesome… i got level 2 in 6 months. which was like best thing that happned in year 2020… unfotunetly every since i reached levl 2 my impression strated to drop from 800 to 100…and now its 0 for like 4-5 days in my main gig… i dont know what i’ve done wrong…my delievery time, order completion and sarting are all 100% and never got below 5 star rating of 250+ jobs that i did/…but know since the impressions are 0 what should i do… where should i contact … please help me… thank you

same problem this side :frowning:

@nicepackaging @saileshacharya I see you’re up and about again. I’m going through a similar thing. I would really appreciate some insight. How did it get better for you?

same problem here anyone guide me…

this month i got only 400 impressions :frowning: