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Impression go to zero

Yesterday i have check my gig impression,clicks and veiws all of them go to zero suddenly.
All my gig impression go to zero
check the attachment.
Suggestion please

2nd gig

Same for me too, I think fiverr is updating something…

Same here. Second day already.

Hi, Also to my all gigs. I sent a message to Support but they told me to promote my gig by share in social pages etc, guys I think they don’t know that too many people have this problem. I am getting new orders but from 5 January my impressions views and all analytics in gigs are Zero (0).

Did anyone contact Support team ? Can you check guys again Analytics in Gigs and see if you have progress or still is zero (0) number of impressions, views and clicks ?

Same Problem here.

Hi there,
Its the same here for me. No more impressions (31) since a couple of days for my new gig! I have also even promoted my gigs, nothing change :frowning:

same here.

Someone who get Contact with customer Service?

same here.

Nothing happening, they dont answer and impression stays on 0, same new gigs dont showing up in search!

I got a swift response from the fiverr support team. They are aware of this bug affecting some - not all - users. They mentioned that those affected are collecting metrics, they’re just not getting pushed to the dashboard. No ETA as to when it will be fixed, but this does not mean people can’t find you in search or that your gigs are not being viewed or clicked on anymore.

Hope that helps :).


Thanks for feedback Mark.

Thanks! It’s been occurring under my account for a few days now but I knew my gig was still ranking. I was wondering what was up :slight_smile:

Same problem.

My gig was 1st in recent month according to high rating in sub-category ‘blog mentions’.
Now My gig is 680th in the same sub-category. :frowning:

I am also facing same problem and fall in business and ratting from 2nd page to 12th page in high rated. maybe cause of some holidays?

same thing here

same problems to my all gigs, going low day by day :frowning: