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Impression Graph Showing Zero

My gig has definitely been getting clicks and impressions, but for some reason the graph over the past two days says zero of both.

It was working fine until then. Anyone else experiencing this?

I am having the same issue at first I thought that my views just completely dropped but I got a got a gig and then it says 0 clicks on everything. It started 2 days ago for me too.

I think it resets on a regular basis. I actually try not to pay much attention to the numbers because they don’t always sync with my sales anyway, so I’m not certain. If I’m remembering right, though, the numbers reset at some interval and it takes a few days to start adding up again just like with a new gig.

I wouldn’t worry about it unless it stays zero longer than a week. If it is longer than that and you aren’t selling something like social media traffic or Amazon reviews, then it might be worth a Customer Support ticket.

Same to me. I reported in some posts here in forum, maybe is better to contact Support Team and they will take a look into our accounts.

Yes there is a bug on the page. Many have zero impressions and stats recently. The staff is working on it.

Well, I am also experiencing this same problem, with all my gigs.
All of the statistics have gone to zero since the 4th of January, I can’t find my gig anymore in the high rating category which I have maintained for close to a year, and I barely seem to make new sales anymore. I only receive messages from my regular buyers.

Contacted Customer Support, they replied that it’s a bug affecting ‘some’ accounts, and that I am actually getting impressions and gig views.

To me, I don’t think I am.

Same problem here. No inquiries or orders since the bug came in.

Same here. No impressions, no inquiry, no sales. Too bad.

No impressions, No inquiries No orders, just enjoying new year…lol

Since this bug started, it is literally ZERO inquiries, sales, nothing.