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Impression high but click too low

I have a gig that creates 23 days impression of 3.2k but clicks only 33. is there any problem with my gig? someone give me some tips to increase my click.
gig link:-


I am here with my trem join in fiverr works graphic design
you can help me how can I incress more impressio.

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try to active Fiverr max time and optimize your gig with SEO friendly

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Hey there! So I took a quick look at your gig and whilst I cannot tell you for sure why people aren’t clicking on your gig, I can always provide my personal feedback.

Perhaps it’s all about the thumbnail. Have you typed in relevant keywords and browsed a bit to see what your competitors have? This can help you see if yours stands out enough. With that being said, it’s good you included a few points of what you can do so potential buyers can immediately see it. Perhaps phrase it a bit different, for example (based on what you offer):

I will design landing pages for:

  • Products
  • Real-estate
  • Corporate websites
  • E-books/Book launches etc…

Now the front page is a bit crowded with ‘landing pages’ written behind every example if that makes sense. Also, personally I’m not a fan of the robotic voice-over you’ve used (I hope it’s not someone’s real voice and I just offended them haha). I think you’re better off with just some catchy music and text than adding such a voice.

This is all just my own opinion so do with it as you please. I do hope it’s of any use, hopefully you’ll get more clicks in the future :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your valuable information’s :heart: :heart:

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impressions and click both are down.