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Impression increasing Tips

Last few Days, my impression has been decreased. How can I increase it?


me too,… worst month so far… had on average 10/15 orders per week now only 2… dont know whats happened


This question has been asked and answered here hundreds of times.

Please look it up.


Me too… even when the performance and response are well maintained. I cant understand what the reason. I feel like my gig is stuck.

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you should share your gig social media, and blog comment other site.

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Again i suggest you to update your GIG if you impressions are low.
And check every week edit and update our GIG.


I hope you don’t mean posting your gig in a blog comment because that is spamming. It’s rude, unprofessional and will not achieve sales.

Posting your gig to social media will only get sales if you are using social properly, not post your gig repeatedly.


Based on many things Fiverr does, I would not be surprised if Fiverr didn’t see that as gig authority.

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Thanks for your valuable ideas

Thanks for your very professional attitude