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Impression is less than view problem


Hello sellers.
As a new seller I am sharing my gig to social media. As a result my gig view is increasing but my gig impression is not increasing. Even my gig impression is half than my gig view. I have updated my gig also. But is is same now. How can I overcome this problem?
Thank you.


I don’t know if this is actually a problem. Many sellers market their Gigs offsite because they don’t get enough exposure on Fiverr. If you market them externally, it’s entirely possible your Gigs will have more views than impressions. This is a sign your marketing efforts are paying off.

If you want to try to increase your impressions, you could experiment with staying online for a few more hours every day. You could also reevaluate your main keyword and your tags. Your main keyword should feature in your title, Gig description and tags. Your tags should represent what your ideal buyers are typing into the search box.


I think so that gig impression, click and view, these are the 3 different things in fiverr.

They are not interconnected with each other, rather, they are separate things.

You are getting traffic in your gig from social media means you are directly redirecting peoples from social media into your Gig description page.

And according to fiverr, this is called view.

When your gig appear in search results page, so you get impressions!

When someone click in your gig by SERP or directly by your username, then this is called CLICK.

Hope, I have gived correct answers to you!:roll_eyes:

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