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Impression is not growing up as per click, view. But why?

A few days ago I opened a new account in fiverr. I am trying to get new order from fiverr and created two gigs and posting various social media to get tariff. But My gig impression is growing up as per click, view. I am thinking what I will do to increase gig impression. In this regard I am expected to get suggestion from expert fiverr marketer

My gig link is as bellow:


Have a read of this;

Your statistics make sense; You’re getting views because you’re driving traffic from somewhere (Social media perhaps?). Your impressions are low because you’re in one of the most over-saturated niche markets on Fiverr. Have you tried searching for ‘Wordpress’ to see how much competition you have? I just did, and there are around 52,000 gigs offering Wordpress services.

If you look at your Wordpress stats, you had 2,000 ‘opportunities’ to get clicks (people clicking on your thumbnail), and you converted 50. That means 1,950 people didn’t click on your gig thumbnail. So if I were you, this is what I would try to fix.

Your thumbnails don’t look very professional - I would start there. Create slick, professional looking thumbnails that make people want to click to learn more about you and your gig.