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Impression not increase

any one help me?
my gigs impression not increase then the views and clicks. my gig impression is low but my clicks views is more than the impression.
what is the problem in my gig kindly check my gigs


do gig marketing on social networks more and more. and send buyer requests more and more.

but my buyer request is not shown

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what can i do for it


It would be better if you contact with fiverr customer support about with your problem. don’t worry. they can fix it easily.

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okay thanks allot sir


you are welcome. let me know if solve.

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See if your gigs is on the search pages
gigs If the search pages do not appear
Impression clicks and views can be reduced or lost.
gigs If search pages are available.
Improve clicks and views
Promote your gigs on social media networks.
If gigs does not appear on the search pages
Notify fiverr customer support service.
If the buyer request is not shown
Make sure the tags you use are correct.

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okay thank alot for giving me nice suggestion. my gigs are appear in search pages also. but buyer request is not shown on my id. i have also message on customer help center but still not reply. this problem is pending

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i have same problem. no increase impression.

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  1. Keep the passion and share your gigs on social media.

  2. Send the buyer requests every day.

  3. Use a nice cover image for your gigs.

  4. Use proper and your service-related tags in your gigs.

  5. Try to stay online as long as you can.

Please follow the instructions. I hope you will get the result very soon.

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