Impression,View click are not increasing From Last 2 Days


I am new seller…From Last 2 Days My Impression,View click are not increasing…I don’t know why…I really need help from my seniors fellow…PLEASE HELP ME…It is normal or not because in last week i also get good impressions clicks views and also complete 2 order…But from last 2 days my Impression,View click are not increasing


You will find many answers to your question by using using the :mag_right: at the top corner of the page to search for the answer. It has been discussed many times before.

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t drive yourself crazy worrying about impressions, views and clicks.

These are not under your control. They also sometimes are not even accurate. They really mean very little. You can’t do anything about them and they go way up and way down all the time. It’s normal. Nothing to worry about!


Love You…Thanks For Your Help


Thanks For Your Response
I understand