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Impressions and clicks but no orders

Hi fiverr. So I have 3 gigs that have around 30-35 impressions and 4-5 clicks each, but no orders. Do you guys have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Here are the gigs: proofreading/editing, making stuff on canva, and writing.

If you could take a moment to take a look and give some advice that would be much appreciated :blush: Thank you!


Hello …
1-proofread and edit your document did you check the computation level of your keywords?
2-Word flow on this keyword
3- Seo of your gig
4- share this gig in a daily basis

here i can see there is 16,099 services on this keywords this is very low commpitation keyword … you need some modification on your gig
dont worry i am guide you step by step

thank you.
check my post also


Thanks everybody! I’ll definitely take all that into account :smile:


Be patient, Everything will be best.

Same to you. How I get order???

Same to you. but i have one order

Hi! I think you need an unique title on your gigs.

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