Impressions and Clicks getting Lower


Hello Guys,

I have posted a topic few months back about how getting sales but now I am struggling with making sales. Now My gigs impressions are getting low and it shows no clicks .When I was In active I got 4 to 5 orders but when I got active again there is nothing.


Hey @mafnanyousuf, I don’t know how long you have been dealing with this problem for but, as you might have already read here on the form (@catwriter pointed it out in several posts), there seem to be a bug affecting impressions, views and clicks, so what you see might not be accurate.


same thing happening to me too :’(


same thing has been happening to me, on my latest one my gig has 0 impressions, clicks and views despite getting orders. Does anyone know another way to check gig stats?


well if that was just a bug it wouldn’t be any problem for me because still I might be getting orders but now its like no one ever visits my profile .I am a level 2 seller with 96% positive reviews and I have updated my gig prices and gallery .Now I am thinking to go for another platform for freelancers.


My GIG statics are freezed from 5 days.


Exactly. I have a similar issue.
One of my most inquired gig all of a sudden just went down and by down I mean no inquiries for it for the last 30 days.
I don’t mind the issue with showing the gig impressions etc, but if it is affecting my gig in some way then that is a problem.


No worries guys! The statistics often bug, and its very possible that you have plenty of impressions, even if if shows as zero.
Remember that it’s december, so the traffic is certainly a little slower than usual. Especially with the business-related gigs. Buyers have spent all their money on christmas gifts already and now they’re on holiday. So you can enjoy some free time too. January is almost here, and everything will go back to normal :slight_smile:


same here, i guess its the holiday season, i have not had an order in days which is rather strange


Same issue my all gig


I have the same problem… No views, clicks etc…


The same like me, I have no orders, normally I should have at least one.