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Impressions and Clicks - HELP

Hello everyone! I would need some help.
One of my gigs is getting around 100 impressions a day but only few clicks. First, I would like to know what does IMPRESSIONS really correspond to? As “Click” is pretty obvious.

Secondly, I would like to receive some advices from you. What should I do to increase the number of Clicks? Change my Thumbnail?

Please help, any advice would be very helpful, as I would like to learn more and more :slight_smile:


First, you should know that Impressions mean how many people saw your gig on another page somewhere on Fiverr. Clicks mean people who saw an impression of your gig and clicked through to see more.

To get the expected results you should create an eye-catchy thumbnail and attractive description. Proper use of grammar is very important. All the best :+1:

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