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Impressions and Clicks keep turning RED


Please i want someone which high level of knowledge on Fiverr to please explain to me what i can do to make my Gigs impressions and Clicks stop turning red, everything started during this festive period as i have tried everything i think is possible to be done,
Thank you has you try to help me.


What you are seeing is just normal. Your impressions and clicks turning red means that you’ve had a slow period when not many people are looking at and clicking on your gigs. During the holidays, this is very common since there are less buyers online and less people buying business services.

They’ll turn green again normally when business picks up. Right now, I wouldn’t worry about it much. You can try promoting your gigs on social media and it’s possible that could help if you have quite a few interested followers.

Buyer Requests are always good to look at since you can ignore the sellers who are posting there (incorrectly) but see what buyers are doing currently. If something matches your gigs, you can make the buyer an offer. Otherwise, be patient and see what happens in January. Most people see improvement IF they have some good gigs to offer.


Thank you very much for that piece, you are one of a kind.