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Impressions and clicks not increasing. I am not newbie

My impression and clicks of the top gig are not increasing I am sharing my gig in social media also, but still, no increase came in clicks and impressions from the last 2 weeks.
Anyone help, please.


This may be algorithm churn … you’ll be at the front of the queue again eventually, not to worry.

In the meantime, it doesn’t appear you’re short of work …


Impressions has nothing to do with you sharing your gig on social media. Impressions are how many time’s fiverr showed your gig in search. And if clicks are not increasing with you posting your gig (I hope on your social media pages) then that means that people are not interested Enough to click on it.


I have an answer for this but I am not replying to you that, because I think that is against TOS.

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