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Impressions and conversion? What do they mean?

Can you help me understanding what are impressions and conversions, and how they affect sales?
As I understant these are different from views. So, how can I increase these in order to have more sales.

Thank you!

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Dear Jsanriocv,

Impression is when someone see your gig in a list or it is the amount of times you have shown up inside a search result.

Conversion is, how many people have viewed your Gig and then saved it to come back to later. You will see a little heart on the Gig page that when they click that, that is what saves the Gig and then next to that is your conversion rate which is how many Gig clicks you had, with how many people ordered that.

I hope this clarifies it for you.



Thanks a lot @myounas853 you have been very helpful! :slight_smile:

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How did you get this idea?

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Conversion rate is when somebody clicks your gig and buys it.


Adding a gig to favourites makes no difference to conversion or anything else - it’s used purely as a tool for buyers to find gigs they’ve liked.

I think this may be more useful for the OP:

Just realised I’ve posted the same link as @blaisefaint, but for good reason! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, thank you both @offlinehelpers and @ryangillam
The podcast episode is indeed very helpful and illustrative.

I’m still surprised how fast all those indicators change… :hushed:

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