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Impressions and gigs in an up and down


After the 21st january, I noticed a big change on my impressions, clicks and views… in another meaning my sales dropped suddenly after that cause all of my best seller gigs were pushed to the last pages for some reason, first sight I thought it was due to cancellations since I had 2 cancelled orders back in december but that wasn’t the case if If I have no cancelled orders at the moment but a 73% delivery time rating, one thing that is weird is that I have spent since the 21st january with no inquiries or orders at all till the 6 of february then my impressions started rising again leading to orders, after a 4 days of my usual rythm of getting orders and inquiries it dropped again, and I’ve been doing this for an entire 2 years without facing this problem, did anyone experience this lately ?


same happened me for third in year but you don’t worry about that improve your devilry time and your gig will be back on search on top but it depends on you how you preform and sometimes it will take more than 2 month to back on track . And make some changes to your gig for example tags , keywords etc .


When did you experience this ? My performance is so good, 100% order completion 100% response rating and 5.0 rating but the delivery time is a bit poor… and now are you gigs back to the top ?


I am also facing same issue. anyone can tell me why is this happen?