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Impressions and views dropped significantly

I’ve been getting several hundred impressions a day in the last couple of weeks and about 10-20 views, but the past two weeks I’ve hardly had any impressions and no views. I expected it to drop but not by this much. My sales have finally picked up in that time but now, nothing. Is there something I should do or is this normal?

I would ignore it. I’ve found that when I’m getting back to folks right away, killing at deliveries, and doing the actual work and customer service part as well as I can, I get more sales. And sometimes the statistics point otherwise. All you can do is your best work. Don’t get hung up on the statistics of it all. I don’t have any social media but somehow my “social” number goes up and down. Just ignore it and give your buyers exactly what they are after. Cream rises to the top.

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Same is happening here… Fiverr is upto something