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Impressions are getting low.. any suggestion?

Please help me to increase My Gig Impressions. Impressions are getting down as I am also updating my Gig from time to time.

Any suggestions are welcome


I am facing same challenges.

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When did u receive last order?

I have the same problem .

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Thousands of freelancers face the same problem last months - probably, it’s some issue with Fiverr algorithm. Too many people talking about it- this is not a coincidence


Thanks for response.

Also rate of receiving order has decreased.

Thanks for your response, my last order was 28 days ago.

Hope that it will get resolved soon

Ohh… Quite long time passed.

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Yes, is there any way out?

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I also don’t know, what’s happening.
Just keep working hard for improving your service, update your profile & Gigs.

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I am facing the same issue.

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Thanks for sharing your experience too.
Please let me know if you find a solution :blush:

I think it’s some issue with the Fiverr algorithm. Please Be patient. Hope it’ll fix soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yah may be…
Thanks for responding… :blush:

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If you are getting low impressions, then please do some following tweaks,

  1. Title should be included your targeted keyword
  2. Your URL included your preferred word
  3. Your GIG image included your targeted keyword
  4. Your use the proper tags.

To get the more help, search your competitors and read what they are doing and how. You can learn from them.

Hope this lil info help you.

Have a nice day!


Thank you for sharing your ideas. :blush:

Very very Informative