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Impressions are growing but no clicks

Hey. A few weeks ago my gig impressions on fiverr started to rise. At first there were 0 and now about 2000 a week, while I did not change anything. I don’t know what it might be connected with? At the same time, I do not have any clicks at all. Tried changing images but it didn’t help. Who knows how to increase clicks?


send your gig link. i will check

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Same For Me.
Only impressions are increasing but no clicks

First, I need to say I like your art.

It is actually the Gig´s images that persuade human´s brain to focus on and click on it.

Even if you have tried to improve your images, it still may not work in your case.

I have just used your main Gig´s image and created some idea for you. You may find it interesting or useful. It may definitely look more engaging if you added call to action title to such an image…

You would probably need to play with image saturation and contrast in order to get something really catchy.

I am sorry for using your art, it is just on help purpose.

I have not seen such a gig design before. But thanks for the advice, I’ll see what can be done.

This is just your artwork put in the book and on book cover.

Should you put some “fairytale” text on one page of the open book, it could look like real children book with your art in it.

You would need to consider background and title. As your art is for children you may use something like “fairytale”???

I believe this could be a great primary Gig´s image.

I am a book editor and your work is beautiful, professional, and well-priced.

If we were not in the middle of the Covid-19 thing, I would recommend you try removing the word ‘cute’ from the gig title, just as one thing you can change–since every word in the gig title needs to be a word on which buyers will search. Can ‘professional’ work?

‘I will professionally illustrate children’s books’

‘I will offer professional children’s book illustrations’ etc.

However, I do not recommend making changes during the low-staffing situation at Fiverr, since any new gigs need to be approved by staff–and they may just not get shown at all.**

This is therefore extremely difficult.

I have to say, a similar thing also happened to me when I first came to Fiverr. Thousands of impressions, no clicks.

However, I deleted that account and set up on Fiverr again. This time, exactly the same gigs were ‘sold out’ every day…i.e. I had more work than I could handle.

BUT again–I can tell you eight people saved your gig to their favorites–so the gig was being seen at least some of the time. Hmm. So being a detective and editor, I’d say the issue is that few people buy for children’s books… but they may buy this illustration style for a different purpose.

Something else to consider is that a very low % of buyers here are writing kids’ books. As an editor who has had more than three thousand work requests on Fiverr, I can tell you only two of those were for kids’ books! And neither of those needed detailed illustrations so it is a niche segment on here.

Your gig descriptions are already good, so that isn’t the problem either, i.e., you describe fully what you do… in great depth.

So, you could try rethinking how to sell this amazing art without it being solely for kids’ books:

‘I will paint a stunning poster for your child’s wall’

‘I will draw a magical child’s illustration’

‘I will professionally illustrate your child’s dream.’

‘I will illustrate your child in a magical wall poster’ (Can you do that–actually take someone’s photo and turn it into a poster, instead of always imagining the character–draw one based on the client’s images?)

Be creative and create as many gigs as you can, focusing on keywords. Your work has massive potential here, so don’t give up. You will be a top seller in time–I know it!

EDITED TO ADD: my advice to you, in summary, would be to leave the current gig and do NOT make changes to it, as that will damage its ranking! It appears it is taking off…give it time. :)…

And create as many new gigs as you can, with different images, different headers, as stated above. I think this will greatly elevate you and you will be selling very soon. But leave the current gig untouched so you don’t end up needing to be approved all over again by customer support!




editing your gig does not affect its ranking.
I asked joel yound a top rated seller on fiverr with his youtube channel fiverr talks where I asked whether editing my gig decreases rank but foun out it was not true and does not affect its ranking.

Thank you for the detailed answer. He gives me a little hope that everything will be fine :slight_smile:
You write that children’s illustration is not popular, it really is. However, I see less professional participants getting orders in this area. I also see orders for children’s illustrations in the buyer request section.

Indeed, and many people think they can write a children’s book but they tend to be low-level writers. There are many on Fiverr who want to buy a ghostwritten children’s book for five dollars, and who also want illustrations for five dollars! The quality is low, hence they go for the low-end gigs from illustrators.

What I meant was that as people are not coming (at a professional level) for editing of children’s books, they also won’t be coming in vast numbers to buy pro illustrations. The category is small.

Your work will appeak to high-end children’s book writers who are not copious here.

I have seen many badly written ‘children’s books’ but those authors would not buy a professional illustrator’s services. They want a cheap gig!

(Your prices look under-charged, by the way. So pricing will certainly not deter pro illustration buyers. I just know the buyers who will write a high-end kids’ book and support it with professional illustrations are few.)


Brother, if you share your gig on social media, you will see that the impression will increase

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