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Impressions are reduced 10 times in five days

Hi I have getting trouble about expressions. From last five days it started to reduce and still now continuing. I’m not sure about this problem.
In the meantime time I got two orders but the expression now stands on two digit.
Someone please help.


Exactly same here. What to do now. Would it be wise contact support?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Never had less impressions


I dont think this really a much issue, is not only 1 person get this bug, is every seller on fiverr, so somewhat is still fair, because everyone get low impression.
Even then, impression is just a system number, without those number, buyer can still able to search for your gig , is not like your gig completely disappear from the search list.
The (high) impression no. is just a no. that boost your confidence and make you think people are liking your gig.

Right you are. Thanks