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Impressions aren't all that important. Here's why:

Don’t rely upon Fiverr search engine impressions to determine the success of your gig(s). Impressions are just a number; they don’t really mean much when you stop and think about it. They only tell you how many times your gig cover is seen in a Fiverr search. They have nothing to do with people checking out your services.

What I mean by this is, don’t create a gig, and then just sit there watching search engine impressions go up and down. You’re wasting valuable time doing that. Take responsibility for your own visibility. Promote your gig(s) online, bring in outside customers, make sure those outside customers see fantastic, enticing gig pages. Build your own success, don’t expect the Fiverr search engine to do it for you.

If a gig isn’t selling, find new customers… find new ways to make it sell.

Just like in any brick and mortar retail store…. customers can walk past a product on a shelf, and see it sitting there — that would be an impression. But that’s a relatively pointless retail statistic. It’s passive. There’s no action involved. What matters is whether those customers buy that product or not. Or if they ask questions about it. If customers buy the product, great — you’ve found a marketable product that people want. Keep improving that product. If they don’t buy that product, all of those unsold products are removed from the shelf and are no longer available for sale in that store.

Retail store managers don’t like having things on the shelves that people don’t want to buy. So they try different products to see if those new products sell instead.

Customer response matters. That should be THE most important statistic.

When it comes to impressions, all that tells you is that people SAW your gig cover. That’s all. Nothing more. It doesn’t tell you what people THOUGHT about your gig. You want to know what people think about your gig, not that they were merely “walking by the shelf” and saw your gig sitting there.

Sales and messages about a gig determine the value of a gig in the Fiverr marketplace. THOSE are the most important factors. Impressions are just a number – a relatively low-value stat in the grand scheme of things.

So please, for those of you who like to complain about low impressions on your gigs, save yourself the emotional hassle and frustration, and pay more attention to the statistics that truly matter. Think like a business owner – think like a retail store owner. Take responsibility for promoting and marketing your own gigs. Focus on the success stats – the sales, the questions, the “this is interesting, I want to know more about it” stats – not the “I was walking past your gig and saw it sitting on a shelf” stats.

Take action. Be proactive. Action determines success.

YOU control the visibility and success of your gig(s).

What happens in the Fiverr search engine is merely a bonus.


very well said…


Thank you so much for the info :slight_smile:

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Cheers for that OP. Interesting read.

I myself don’t see much of a correlation between impressions and orders, so instead focus my attention to gig views and my conversion %, two things that mean far more to the success of my gig. Impressions also tend to fluctuate even when my orders are consistent… yet another hint towards them not meaning much to the success of your gig.

“Action determines success.”… you bet!


Thank you.

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My impressions and all stats go down but how much I make goes up at the same time.
I also have a low conversion rate but have great sales.

For me it is the repeat buyers that do it all. Most of my buyers become regular clients.


That’s another thing many new sellers overlook – repeat buyers can often be the bread and butter of a seller’s clientele. Just gaining sales is one thing, gaining multiple repeat sales from sellers that like your work is even better.


I’m happy to help.


Thank you. You’re right, views and conversion % are far more valuable in terms of useful stats. Always focus on the stats that present actionable data.


Thank you for sharing this! By that, we don’t read too much into bounce/conversion rate as well, I take it =)

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Conversion rate merely refers to the number of people that clicked on your gig to take a closer look, and then placed an order. It’s a useful statistic that can tell you how well you have expressed your services in your Fiverr gig description. If you have a high conversion rate, then people are likely visiting your gig(s), liking what they read, and they want to work with you. if you have a high number of visits, but a low to zero conversion rating, you might want to look into why so many people are visiting your gigs, but then leaving without placing an order.

It’s a useful analytics stat.


Very Nice post .but what about gigs view?

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wow, very well said. What places outside of fiverr do you recommend for advertising your offers?

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I want to say that my conversion rate looks awesome when I am getting very few views. It actually compares views to sales. So if impressions drop way down so do views, and then my conversion rate is sky high even if I’m doing badly as far as income.

So I no longer pay attention to conversion rate.

If I have almost no views or impressions on a gig but have some repeat buyers on it, then my conversion rate can be 50% or more giving a false impression.


Nice post! Thanke a lot.

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As a buyer, the response that I get from a seller when I ask questions goes a long way in me purchasing a gig from them.

I have recently received a very sarcastic reply to a seller when I complimented him on his past work. Guess what… my gig of several hundred dollars went to someone else.
Poor English is also a killer right off the bat. I realise that this is a International workplace, but if i sense that there will be a communication problem, I dont go forward.
There are also lots of sellers that have absolute crap as samples of their work…why would I buy from them, even if they have a high rating.
If nothing is unique about your past work…and all cut and pasted Vectors…well, Im skipping over them.
I personally dont even look at the sellers ratings…I look at the past work.


Whenever a buyer comes to me, the first thing I do is let them know how I can help them, then follow that up with relevant samples to their topic / industry. Around half of the enquiries to me turn into sales.


I can’t tell you that, because there is no one answer. Every business/service has their own market, and their own unique customers. It is YOUR job to determine who those customers are, where they can be found, and then go market and promote your gig to those customers wherever they are located.

There is no one advertising answer that fits every seller.


“Views” are any time anyone visits your gig page, either from on Fiverr, or from anywhere else online.

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Thank you @jonbaas , I appreciate this post so much. I’ll like professional check my profile and gigs to help me improve on it if there is anything I’m not doing right there. Thank you

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