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Impressions, but no orders

Hi Fiverians,

Hope you all are having a good day.

I have been on Fiverr for more than an year but hadn’t started being active since a few months back.

It’s been about six months and I would like to know if not having any reviews despite being for that long would leave a bad impression on the prospective buyer? Because even though there are clicks and impressions on my gigs, I haven’t received a request for an order yet.

Can some one review my gig and profile and tell me what they think?

(Much Thanks :slight_smile: )


Suddenly, most of th sellers are getting low sales!
Even I haven’t earned from a year!
Only 200 usd and left job too
But yes I am still working on it!
Will make the best

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Data entry gigs are very competitive thousands of gigs are there of this category.
Create some more gigs, find some more skills and offer them.
Split your skill of data entry into different skills.
Best of luck:)

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That may be part of it.
Hope your business recovers back to its boom too.
Best of luck!

That’s a neat advice. Thanks. I’m working on diversifying my skills. It’s a long process though. :smile:
You too!


Where is your gig on the search result? Impressions mean that your gig are appearing on the search result better than before, if not on the first page, you are not likely to get the orders

. . . I did not know that, thanks!

I just checked. My gigs aren’t there on the first few pages. Is there a systematic way of getting gigs there or does fiverr just round up a bunch of gigs and puts it up there? Lol. I hope not.

of course there are ways, get more clicks and views, and better impressions, do some research. I have two of my gigs on first pages depending on ranks

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