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Impressions, click, and views goes down with no reason

How to increase the gig impression, click, and view ? day by day my impression, click, and views goes down. But, i still receive an order from my client. i always sent some custom offer on buyer request every day. i’m affraid that it will affect my gigs in the future.
Any one help me ?

Impressions, Clicks and views will go up and down. By promoting your gig you can increase the View and clicks.

Your still receiving orders and you no need to worry about it … just concentrate on your orders to do your best which will help you more to raise up more than the impressions, clicks and views.

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Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:

You are Welcome! …

My killer gig overall statistics keeps going down, all with down red arrows. Even the gig got demoted from first page to 5th page. No orders for the past one week! Please what can I do? Somebody help!!!

promote your gig and you will increase your gig view and impression

Please how can I promote my gig, cuz I have done a lot using social medias

Done this but still not working