Impressions, Click, Views | Everything is ZERO



I check gig stats daily and I notice that on 29th & 31st July, all my gigs impressions, clicks, views everything is zero. One of my gig is getting up to 500 impressions daily but on 29th & 31st July, everything is zero in stats.
Is this is any problem?
Any one of you facing this error?

Let me know!



I’m facing the same problem, I’ve just checked out my stats and everything is zero on the 31th!


If everybody’s facing the same issue, I think it’s fair to assume it was a bug - my stats look like that as well.


I have the same status…nothing on impression, clicks and others…all zero


There is but today.

same issue with me.


I went from having consistent work 7 days a week to barely anything for almost a month now. So yeah, My impressions are down tremendously. I can’t even find my gig when I search for it in an incognito window.


Same problem here since last 2 days


Same with me as well, but I received a new order, from a new client, so it must be false.


Thanks for responding to my request. I got a message from CS. They re-indexed my gigs.


OMG! :open_mouth: My gig views are going down!


Don’t worry - the sky won’t fall in! :slight_smile:

Mine went to 0 for 29th and 31st, picked back up yesterday - I think it’s all the same bug.


What will happen if revenues and funds go zero. Someone may end up with heart attack!