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Impressions, clicks and views going up but no orders or even messages?

Hello everyone! So currently I have a few active gigs. Since I posted them, impressions, clicks, and views were going kindly up… everything but no 1 order or message. I was wondering if you could check out any of those gigs and suggest how can I improve at any.

Of course, if you like it, feel free to buy any package and write a review! Thank you!

1st Gig - Photoshop your image into a sketch:
2nd Gig - Make a neon logo for you or your company:

Hey @robertmlinarevi,

I just checked out your gigs.

I think the photoshop sketch is a unique offer!

2 recommendations to get messages and orders:

1: Your profile description:
“I like photoshopping, if you want some edited photos feel free to check out my services! Of course, it’s not necessary but if you want to help I will appreciate it and it will make me happy!”

It doesn’t sound confident enough. I would add more reassurance and authority to your words like this:

“Do you need a photoshop expert? If you need some photos edited today then message me today!”

2: Can you make the delivery time shorter than 5 days? It’s a very competitive space and if you are able to offer in 1-2 days I’m sure you’ll get more orders.

Good luck!


Thank you @storeycopy !

I see what you said here, I will re-write my profile description. About delivery time, I could make it a little bit shorter yeah, just sometimes I really don’t have time that’s why I put 5 days, but yeah, I’ll try to offer it for less time.

Overall, thank you for your advice!

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