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Impressions,clicks and views


Do i need a specific number of impressions,clicks or views before getting a gig?


Nope. You could have a lot, or you could have a few.

You’ll “get sales” when you “get sales”. :wink:

Sales come when they come.

To speed the process along, what are you DOING to earn sales?


I mean orders not gigs


I want people to stop viewing and clicking but to order. what do i do?


there is no way to do that,

you just have to wait for them to send you a message


How many viewed your work before you got a gig?


before you got an order


You could need just one, or you could need a million. There is no rule on this. The more the better of course.

It is just a general way of seeing how many times a gig was shown on a page or how many people clicked on your gig to take a look at it.


how then do i change it to orders::sweat:


You have to hope someone likes your gig enough to order it.


I am glad that you have responded. Thank you


If you are getting a lot of impressions, but not any sales there could be something that is turning potential buyers off. Maybe your price is too low or too high. Maybe your gig description isn’t optimized to convert browsers into buyers.

Look over your gigs and make sure everything is geared towards getting a client excited to buy from you.


I recently changed my descriptions to meet the the description of the work.I changed two days ago and hoping that I will get a gig. For the Prices, am new in this forum/platform and I cannot put the prices too hi because I do want to get a gig. I have worked in other arena off online and I do not know what to do.