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Impressions / Clicks / Messages & Orders - Stopped Abruptly

Hello fellow Freelancers,

Since the 15th of this month(November), all of a sudden I stopped receiving messages from new clients.

I reviewed my gig statistics and noticed a sudden drop in my impressions.
I have not changed anything on my gigs or done anything really to mess up my SEO.

I have two gigs which used to be very popular and I was getting thousands of impressions daily, a lot of messages and I would have at least 5 new orders per day. I was on first page.

At this point, it has been 6 days since I received my last message from a new client.
Is anyone else experience the same abrupt stop, while you haven’t done absolutely anything to provoke this kind of drop?

Is this a normal thing? Do I need to change anything in my gigs to make them go back where they used to be? Will they re-appear magically back where they used to be after some time?

I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for this I just can’t find the answer anywhere and the support team understandably is giving templated answers as they are not trained for this stuff and they surely are advised to not talk about this with us.

So I am relying on your help!

Tell me your stories, have you experienced a similar thing? If yes, did you fix it? How? When?
All the details you can offer are super important to give me a clear understanding of what is going on.

Thank you all in advance!


The same here, and I really dont know whats happen. All of my gig disappear on search result. Then 2 days after, they’re backin 2 days, then continue to disappear till now

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Yes, it is. There are double and triple the number of sellers here since the pandemic started. I can not find the post now, however just a few days ago another seller posted a reply he got from Fiverr CS saying they are rotating gigs so that most sellers’s gigs get a chance to be in the first pages eventually.

So now is your turn to not be in the limelight. Some sellers have reported it taking as long as a month to get back on track, others have said a week or two.

Edit: @finalcutallen I also see you are a newish seller. Fiverr gives new sellers a boost, so you may be coming off of that phase now.


Thank you kindly for your replies!
Okay, I guess it is what it is then :slight_smile:

It’s a nice thing that they give new sellers to get a taste of what it’s like to be on Fiverr, but seems like SEO is not all that important after all here.

I’m curious how other sellers are constantly on first page. I know for sure a few sellers who have not left first page at all from my niche which is video editing.

So I’m not entirely sure what is true anymore lol.

Fiverr’s algorithm will remain a mystery i guess

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i had facing the same issue science 15th of this Nov. even i got the new badge and good sales!!